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What is Jute?

Jute is made from the plant corchorus olitorius and corchorus capsularis.

It is grown in a warm climate and benefits from lots of rain and humidity.

Jute is used in packaging material and casings due to its comparably higher tensile strength than other fibres

Jute is 100% biodegradable and the plant itself enriches the soil it grows from for the next crop, releasing oxygen much quicker while absorbing carbon dioxide.

Jute has lots of versatility from packaging of agricultural goods, sacking and even lining for planting young trees. It is even used for replacement of wood in pulp and paper production. Some components of jute also make it suitable for cosmetics, medicines and paints.

Jute relies on natural rainfall and easily grows without any use of pesticides or fertilizers. This not only makes it cheaper to grow but also the use of less resources makes it sustainable. For this reason jute not only is able to economically help rural and poor communities but also is a main source if jobs and community bonding.

The jute used to make our bags and materials are sourced and grown in Kolkata in India. We are so very grateful that this fibre not only makes a fashionable statement with our bags but helps the people that grow and produce them.