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Our Agreement

By supplying and subscribing to Banjara and our services, you agree for Banjara to collect your personal information with your consent and use it lawfully for the purposes listed

Information provided may be used for account registration and site navigation, so as to purchase our products and/or for participating in any special offers/sales.

Information entered on the site may be used for quality purposes to make any changes, improvements and for feedback towards the development of the website and brand as well as communication with our customer services team.

Use of your information may be used for accepting, cancelling and/or modifying any purchases made by you and may be stored against your personal account.

You information may be used towards data collection to determine trends, and purchases to improve your shopping preference and to determine the quantity and frequency of site visits.

Your information may be stored and used by Banjara unless agreed consent is obtained for third parties to use the information.

We at Banjara respect the consumers’ privacy and information and may only use the data for maintaining, improving and providing services to our customers that provide us with their personal information.